How to Hit a Golf Ball Straight: Best Tips of 2022

How To Drive a Golf Ball? A crucial question!

How to Hit a Golf Ball Straight: Step by Step Game-Changing Lead

In order to Hit a Golf Ball Straight, a golfer must first know how to drive a golf ball. The correct approach is to hit through the ball with good alignment and grip. A good golf swing should result in an upward arc. If this arc is consistent, the driver will hit the fairway with a straight path. However, there are some factors that can affect the straightness of the drive.

The steps with perfect results for immensely straight golf are enlisted here.

Step 1: To Hit a Golf Ball Straight: A Relaxed Grip

A relaxed grip is one of the most important keys to driving a golf ball straight. It is important to keep the clubface facing the target and not tilting it left or right. This will result in a curved flight, which is bad for the game of the sport. A club held too tight will not drive a golf ball far and can also affect your game. Make sure your hands and body move throughout the swing without brakes. Must take a look at our tried and true guide to the  Best Golf Balls for Beginners in 2022 and the Best Golf Ball for Seniors.

Step 2: The Proper Grip to Hit a Golf Ball Straight

The right grip is also crucial to hitting a golf ball straight. A proper grip is essential to getting the correct alignment. The grip should be comfortable with two or three knuckles. It should be positioned so that the thumb of the main hand is on the centre of the racket. The thumb of the non-dominant hand should rest on the racket. By doing this, the golfer will be able to hit a high-quality, consistent ball.

Step 3: Practice to Drive Straight

Once you know how to drive a golf ball straight, you’ll be able to hit the fairway with ease. Even if you have a weak swing, it’s important to practice on a regular basis to develop your skills. By practising on a regular basis, you will become more comfortable with your swing and your aim will be much better. You’ll also increase the odds of birdies if your shots are consistent.

Step 4: Position of Your Legs

Another aspect of the golf swing is the position of your legs. When you swing, your legs should be shoulder-width apart, with the knees slightly bent. A good stance will also help you to get the proper swing position. Keeping your legs wide will also help you to hit the ball straight. The more comfortable your feet are, the better your shots will be. By focusing on your posture, you will be able to hit the ball more often and achieve more accuracy. Must read our True guide about the best golf balls for high handicappers.

Step 5: Open Clubface

When it comes to driving a golf ball, a golfer needs to make sure that the clubface is open. The clubface is the front part of the driver and will determine the direction of the ball. Having an open clubface will help you hit the shot straighter, while a closed face will result in a higher ball trajectory. If the faces are closed, the clubhead will not have the same effect.

Step 6: Use the Center of the Driver’s Face

To hit the ball as straight as possible, a golfer should use the centre of the driver’s face to strike it. When the driver’s face passes the lowest point of the swing, the clubhead is at an angle of 90 degrees to the target line. The clubhead must extend during the follow-through to make contact with the ball. Otherwise, the shot will move left or right, and the clubface will need to be extended.

Step 7: Open Clubface

The key to hitting a golf ball as straight as possible is to take advantage of the club’s openness. The openness of the clubface will affect the direction of the shot. When the clubface is open, the ball will follow a straight path. By opening the clubface, the golfer will be able to hit the fairway. By increasing the face-to-path ratio, the golfer can create a more fluid swing. Regardless of how a golfer strikes the ball, a consistent shot is highly unlikely.

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