Golf Chipping Tips: Best 3 Steps

Golf Chipping Tips: Chipping, or the act of hitting the ball with a wedge when it’s close to the green, is considered one of the most difficult shots in golf – but only if you don’t have the right technique.

The key to chipping well is knowing how to approach each green and using the correct club to get your ball onto the green with control and minimal effort. Here are three Golf Chipping Tips that will help you improve your chipping and lower your scores on the golf course. Don’t forget to read our true guide about Best Golf Balls for Beginners.

The first step of Golf Chipping Tips:

Golf Chipping Tips

Stop swinging so hard!: A lot of amateurs try too hard when it comes to chipping. This causes them to swing very fast, putting way too much pressure on their wrists and arms. Keep your swings slow and relaxed, letting your body do most of the work for you—it’s really just a matter of softening into contact with solid impact. Even if you don’t immediately feel as if you have more control, try slowing down for a couple of holes and see how things go.

Remember that bigger arms are not always better; in fact, they can mean less accuracy. If you maintain good form while working slowly, then once you get back up to speed over time, you should notice better accuracy than ever before!, And Don’t forget to read our true guide about BEST GOLF BALLS FOR SENIORS.

The second step to Improve Golf Clipping:

Setting Up. If you’re having trouble hitting your chip shots consistently, there may be a problem with your setup. Make sure you take time before your shot to set up, lining up each of your feet and hands directly behind or slightly in front of each other (left foot back for a right-handed golfer).

You should end up with a slight angle on your body, but if one side is farther out than another, adjust accordingly until they are at an equal distance from one another. These few seconds can mean everything in helping eliminate bad chips. Just make sure that once you do line up, it’s not shifting—move your feet instead! And Don’t forget to read our true guide about BEST GOLF BALLS FOR HIGH HANDICAPPERS.

The third step For Golf Clipping Tips:

Point your feet at your target. Like many things in golf, point-to-target is as much a mind game as it is an actual physical game. One of my favorite ways to build confidence in chipping is when you’re standing over a short shot and you’re staring down a flag, think about turning your feet so that they are facing exactly at that flag. For me, if I can see that hole from my toes, I have a great shot at making contact with it.

If you see yourself hitting behind or to one side of the cup on your backswing (most commonly because someone told you where to aim), then turn your back foot so it points right at that flag. Once you make contact with one chip towards the center cup, there will be no doubt in your mind where to go with all subsequent chips!

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